Meeting with General North at Hickam

It was an honor to meet with Gen. Gary North, the Commander of the Pacific Air Force and Chief Master Sergeant Brooke McLean, along with honored Airmen of the Quarter and members of the Hawaii Air National Guard at Hickam Air Force Base.

I was so moved to meet Airmen and women who shared their jobs and lives with me. I was also glad to share with them our efforts to support the Hero’s Health Fund that benefits those who suffer from toxic exposure.

The Hawaii Air National Guard proudly showed me through one of their C-17 Globemaster’s, which they used to bring aid to earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan and have also used on many other humanitarian missions. I was deeply impressed with their service and commitment and was honored to have been invited to share the day with the General and his Airmen in the Courtyard of Heros, especially on the eve of the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. This is an extraordinary day to remember and I feel honored to have shared it with them.