Narconon Hawaii

Narconon Hawaii

In 2006 Kelly Preston launched the Narconon Parent Kit: “Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free, What Parents Need to Know.” She also filmed and recorded PSAs promoting this kit that were aired on dozens of television and radio stations. Kelly and Narconon Hawaii teamed up with drug-prevention groups to produce and distribute free educational kits designed to help parents talk to their children about the harmful effects of drugs. The kit has a drug education DVD featuring drug prevention specialists giving easy-to-learn information for both children and adults. The DVD is introduced by Hawaii Lt. Gov. James “Duke” Aiona and University of Hawaii football coach June Jones.

Narconon Hawaii: Proclamation

Kelly Preston has had the honor of working with Lt. Governor Aiona to address the manifold problems of drug abuse facing Hawaii. The Lt. Governor has spent his life serving the public and working to improve the quality of life for the people of Hawaii. During his first term in office, the Lt. Governor spearheaded a campaign to address the urgent need to confront a statewide epidemic of drug abuse. Additionally, Lt. Governor Aiona has served as a member of the advisory council for the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Lt. Governor Aiona with Kelly

In the early stages of Narconon’s recent work on the island, the Lt. Governor took the time to meet with Kelly while she gathered data and developed the drug prevention education campaign for Narconon Hawaii. He also lent his support to this campaign by doing the introduction in the Narconon Parent Kit DVD entitled “Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free, What Parents Need to Know.” this kit has been distributed to well over 10,000 families on the island.

Myron Thompson, Mayor Hannemann and Kelly

Due to Kelly Preston’s tireless efforts on distributing and promoting the Narconon Hawaii Drug-Free Parent Kit, Mayor Mufi Hannemann recognizes May 20-27, 2006 to be “Teaching Our Kids The Truth About Drugs” Week.


WHEREAS, Narconon Hawaii is dedicated to providing effective drug prevention and rehabilitation services; and

WHEREAS, Narconon Hawaii is launching a “Teaching Our Kids the Truth About Drugs” campaign to alert our community about the threat of drugs to our young people and public health; and

WHEREAS, drug abuse is a major concern on Oahu, where its toll is shown in crime, medical emergencies, domestic abuse, deaths, and other social problems; and

WHEREAS, it is imperative that we reach the youth of our community before they become victims of drug addiction; and

WHEREAS, Narconon Hawaii has prepared a “Keeping Your Kids Drug Free” kit for parents and other adults to help them address the growing problem,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, MUFI HANNEMANN, Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, do hereby proclaim May 20-27, 2006, to be “TEACHING OUR KIDS THE TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS” WEEK

in our county and commend Narconon Hawaii for its continuing efforts to combat drug abuse and contribute to a safe, healthy, and drug-free environment for us all.

Done this 22nd day of May, 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

-Mufi Hannemann

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