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To The People of the Bahamas

January 30th, 2009

We have always believed that a person’s true character reveals itself in the most difficult situations. For us, the loss of Jett on the morning of January 2 was the most difficult situation we could envision. The character, love and true friendship of the Bahamian people became immediately apparent during our time of crisis. From the Prime Minister and the former Prime Minister, who immediately expressed the condolence of the Bahamian people, to the management staff and employees of Old Bahama Bay who fiercely protected us from further hurt, at a real cost to themselves. From the police and medical professionals in charge of the official investigation who executed their responsibilities in a private and dignified manner, to the EMTs, Rand Memorial Hospital personnel and coroner whose pain was as evident as our own.

Of special note was the assistance of Keith McSweeney and his associate of the Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium. The grace and accommodation extended by these gentlemen at this most difficult time will always be appreciated. All actions taken by both men were at our direction and pursuant to our express request.

The love, sympathy and protection as a member of your family, which was extended to us during this most trying of times, will never be forgotten.

We remain as one, with the people of the great island nation of the Bahamas.

Thank You.

Love, John, Kelly and Ella