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Helping Hurricane Sandy victims

November 7th, 2012

When our dear friend Kirstie decided to step up and help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, she asked John and I to help, as well, and we decided to do just that! We matched Kirstie’s donation!! And with those funds, along with all of the generous donations from the people of Los Angeles who also wanted to assist, we were able to supply a truck filled with supplies needed for those affected by Hurricane Sandy from the Los Angeles area and an additional truck was loaded up right in New Jersey.
The trucks were loaded with supplies such as bottled water, diapers, canned foods, blankets, batteries, and clothing to help the people who have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Our thoughts and prayers reach out to all of the victims from Hurricane Sandy.

Love, John and Kelly

P.S. A big “shout out” to Wal Mart for the big discount on all of the supplies we purchased and also to Box Brothers for all of the free boxes we loaded up with supplies!!! Thank you!!